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Weight Loss Diet – Reducing Calories for Effective Weight Loss

Losing weight is a comprehensive process, including the reduction of calories, work out to burn excessive fat and striving relentlessly to keep on track of the diet plan for weight loss. The most effective way to reduce calorie intake is to opt for an optimal weight loss diet, diet chart for weight combining it with a workout regime.

Reducing calories through diet plan for weight loss requires:

1. Change in Eating Habits:

Weight gain is owing to the intake of calories that exceed one’s daily requirement. It is essential that one looks at their current diet and makes a change towards reducing the same. Incorporating food in the diet that is healthy and filling, and decreases the urge to eat for longer, reduces the calorie intake. One must keep in mind that a diet is not starving one’s self. Eating small meals every two hours to keep the metabolism active is essential for quick and effective weight loss.

A diet chart for weight loss should contain:

•  Complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa or brown rice, to meet the daily whole grain requirement

•  Fibrous Vegetables such as, spinach, broccoli beans, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, etc. and wholesome fruits which should be a large proportion of the diet plan for weight loss

•  Lean protein found from egg whites, chicken, lean meat and fish for the non-vegetarians, and soya, tofu, beans for the vegetarian diet individuals. Lean protein should be incorporated in every diet for weight loss.

Along with a weight loss diet plan that has the above essentials in appropriate portions, one must always stray from high-calorie intake like sweets and fizzy drinks that lead to weight gain.

Processed trans-fat and saturated fat from deep-fried foods should also be avoided. This is also called as food with empty calorie, without any nutritional value.

2. Small portions:

Often, eating more than what one requires, causes overeating. Using smaller plates for eating and avoiding second helpings is a good way of cutting down on calories.
Eat slowly and let the body recognise its capacity or need for food.

3. Hydration:
Drinking a glass of water before meals keeps one fuller and makes them less likely to overeat. It is also essential to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day or more for effective weight loss.

4. Workout:
Regular exercise is very important along with a diet plan for weight loss, as it helps one to burn excessive calories and keep fit. 30 minutes of workout one to two times a day can speed up weight loss.

Weight loss diet is vital for losing those extra pounds, along with the right motivation and enthusiasm for a better version of one’s self. One should always strive towards staying fit to avoid chronic illnesses that obese individuals are prone to. A healthy body is a vessel for a lively soul and an active mind.

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