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Vegan Diet: 3 Common Mistakes New Vegans Make & How You Can Avoid Them

– Common Mistake #1: Over-extending a “lazy vegan” phase.

The word is out.  It is easy to be a lazy vegan…very enjoyable too!  On the couch with a super quick dinner, no chopping necessary…

Let’s face it, at the grocery store, the vegan goodies section is always looking better and better!  You know…the veggie chicken nuggets, frozen potato wedges, or vegan ice creams.

Here’s the important concept: it’s ok to be really efficient at playing the role of the “lazy vegan,” but for limited times only.

Frozen vegan foods are important to have around to supplement your vegan bag of tricks, but our bodies do well eating mostly uncooked fresh foods from the earth.

I’m talking about foods like avocados, leafy greens, and almonds.

Why?  Raw foods are still “alive” with electrical energy.  If you’re ever feeling tired and run down, consider that you need to recharge.

So, what are some quality fuels that will help you recharge?  Salads with plenty of leafy greens are always a good start.

If your lifestyle is on the go, try bringing along slices of cucumber, carrot, radish, or celery to dip in hummus.

– Common Mistake #2: Spending time in a vegan “bubble.”

Sure, it’s easy to feel outnumbered as a vegan.  But there’s no need to let it reinvent your social life.

Actually, I’ve found that social outings surrounding food are more interesting as a vegan.  Why?  There’s much more to observe and talk about.

Here’s the important concept: to make social outings surrounding food enjoyable, all you have to do is satisfy people’s curiosity!

Share a few healthy tips from your vegan bag of tricks.  Let them in on a few tips or products to use that make eating vegan easy.

For example, you might mention that on sandwiches, there are some great mayonnaise substitutes available that work just as well.  Another example, on wraps, substituting avocado or hummus for meat works great.

– Common Mistake #3: Not meeting new vegan friends.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “You are who you hang out with!”  Let’s examine why this is true.

If you’re hanging out around fellow vegans, you’ll probably be sharing tips, checking out healthy vegan additions on local restaurant menus, and giving positive encouragement when somebody falls off the vegan bus.

Here’s the important concept: Hanging out with fellow vegans will reinforce your new lifestyle of choice.

To break the ice with your existing circle of friends, invite them over for some tasty vegan food.

If you don’t get any takers, search online for a “vegan group” or “vegan meetup.” These groups meet about once a month at restaurants that cater to vegan appetites just like yours.

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