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How To Conquer Weight Loss Plateaus With Diets That Actually Work

Earlier this year I was asked by my personal training clients to find some diets that actually work. I tried to explain to them that almost all diets work, especially if your sole goal is just to lose weight. The problem with many diets that don’t “work” is dieters encounter periods of time when they are following the diet and not losing weight. My research uncovered the fact that diets that work have built in features to help conquer these weight loss plateaus.

Adequate consumption of water is critical in most diets to conquer plateaus. In fact, many diets that actually work, require 8 full glasses of water a day. Logic might tell you that consuming that much water might lead to water weight gain, but in reality the opposite is true.

Drinking water throughout the day “primes” the kidneys to continually eliminate fluids. Very similar, actually, to priming a pump. Most plateaus that occur during weight loss programs are as a result of fluid retention. Drinking large quantities of water helps to prevent fluid retention.

It can also be helpful to limit sodium intake, if you want your body to readily release fluids. Try a salt substitute instead.

Many of the diets that actually work had incorporated natural diuretics to help conquer weight loss plateaus. Diuretics help stimulate the kidneys, and are frequently prescribed by physicians for individuals who retain water. Natural diuretics such as warm lemon juice, or herbal teas can be effective at preventing plateaus.

Exercise was encouraged in the diets that actually work. Regular, brisk walking, can be a terrific boost to metabolism and it can also increase caloric expenditure. Try to gradually increase the distance and speed of your walks.

Why I decided to do research on diets that actually work.

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