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Healthy Low Fat Snacks

Everybody who’s ever dieted before has broken the routine by snacking. Truly, this in an inevitable outcome and will happen to everyone (myself included).

But if you’re going to snack, why not eat a healthy low fat snack? It’s a good idea that many people should take into consideration. After all, half a cheesecake doesn’t count as a snack anyway.

The first and most prominent, also the most important snack that comes to mind is fruit. Fruit, for the most part, is a naturally sweet substance that tastes pretty good.

Munching on an apple as opposed to ice cream is an incredibly smart alternative. Not only that but other fruits include grapes, oranges, bananas, watermelon, and the list goes on.

A lot of people, when they know something is good for them, are immediately deterred. They feel if it’s healthy it’s probably not tasty. But when it comes to fruit, that’s certainly not the case. Plus, they’re low in fat, which is the point of a health low fat snack!

Another fantastic healthy low fat snack to munch on is a rice cake. The reason their fantastic is that they are low in calories and come in a variety of flavors.

Personally, I was skeptical to the rice cake at first, but after having several of them as snack now and again, I’ve grown accustomed. A typical race cake is about fifty to seventy calories and flavors include apple, cheese, cinnamon bun, ranch, and even caramel.

The caloric total changes per cake, with highs around 70s and lows around 50s, making the average cake about sixty calories. The fat content also changes, but remains low through every cake.

Another great healthy low fat snack to munch on is nuts. Grabbing a handful of almonds or peanuts will run you about 100 calories, but you’ll enjoy the handful in full. Peanuts also come in a variety of flavors, from salty to spicy; this might change the caloric content slightly, but not enough to stop snacking on them!

If you can’t get your hands on regular fruit, then a fruit snack is a great alternative, and honestly a personal favorite. I would eat fruit snacks all day if I could (although this would defeat the healthy snack purpose). One bag of fruit snack is less than 100 calories, is enjoyable, and is a much better alternative than say a bag of cookies that’s 300+ calories.

In the end, healthy low fat snacks, although stereotyped as not tasty and unappealing, are just the opposite!

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