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Experience Weight Loss At The Sauna

You know that there are several very important components to achieving a healthy weight that will make you look and feel great along with add years to your life. However, you may not have considered the effectiveness of weight loss at the sauna. Conventional logic might tell you that the weight you lose sitting in a sauna is only water weight that will not have a long-term impact on your efforts toward your goal weight. This is not true; losing weight in the sauna is valuable and sustainable weight loss, and it can and should be a part of your overall efforts.

Infrared Heat

Sitting in a sauna is a relaxing way to spend a little time, and feels nothing at all like the strenuous exercise we have all learned to associate with weight loss. It comes as no surprise that infrared heat can result in some nominal weight loss in the form of water loss through sweating, but there is more to it. The infrared heat used in some sauna atmospheres will effectively cause increased calorie burn at two points: first as the body heats up, and second as it cools, leading to effectively losing weight at the sauna.

More On The Cooling Process

Whether you are using a sauna heated by infrared heat or otherwise, you will lose weight as you sweat, but when you drink water after the sauna experience, you will gain that weight back. However, as your body cools from your time in the heat, your heart rate will increase and you will burn up to 500 or 600 calories, which is akin to jogging or walking and will lead to sustainable shedding at the sauna.

Removal Of Toxins

Even better than the immediate ability to burn calories, weight loss in the sauna promotes ongoing weight loss outside of the sauna. When you are relaxing in the sauna and sweating from the heat, your body is also breaking down and releasing toxins through your pores. These toxins are the same pollutants that are harbored in your body that actually stand in the way to successfully lose weight. Regular use of the sauna will help you keep your bodies free of toxins and improve your chance of success.

Burn More Calories In The Long Run

We have learned from experience that regular exercise will increase metabolism and thereby increase the number calories we burn, even at rest. This premise holds true in the case of achieving weight loss at the sauna. Regular use of a sauna experience will lead to a rate of calorie burning on an ongoing basis, benefiting your overall weight control plan.

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