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Cellulite: The Truth

Introducing Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition that happens in both men and women, wherein the skin of the abdomen, lower extremities and pelvis becomes dimply after puberty or a number of conditions like obesity. The problem may also be called as hail damage, orange peel syndrome and cottage cheese skin. Cellulite is not related the skin infection known as cellulitis.

Myth #1: Only the Fat are Affected

For several years, most people believe that only fat individuals are susceptible to the development of cellulite. The truth is, cellulite is actually a combination of fat, but not regular fat. It is mixed with toxic materials and water that must have been regularly expelled from the body. Instead of going out, the substances create a fatty tissue that becomes contained in spaces between the connective tissues. Cellulite then becomes very difficult to eliminate. Women are more susceptible to developing the condition compared to men, regardless of whether they are fat or fit.

Myth #2: Certain Foods Trigger Cellulite

The truth is that diet is one of the several factors that may contribute to the production of cellulite. However, foods do not necessarily lead to cellulite. Large amounts of cellulite are added to the body by food, making the body more susceptible to storage and development. Cellulite has more to do with genetics than a person’s current weight or the food he or she eats. Cellulite is highly linked with the total body fat percentage of a person more than anything else.

Myth #3: There is Absolute Treatment to Cellulite

Cellulite creams and other medications are provided in the market, but the truth is that there is really no universal solution or medical studies that confirm the efficacy. Cellulite creams can improve skin condition, but the cellulite is most likely still present underneath the skin, even if the dimples are smoothened. Liposuction can provide a quick fix, but does not offer any long term solution to the condition. Creases and dimples may be fixed temporarily by cosmetic surgery and other procedures, but after a number of years, it is very much expected for cellulite to appear again.

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