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Alternatives To Smoking

Smoking ban is on, and people are on the look out for some replacement products in order to cope with the nicotine cravings that ensue. Some easy ways and products are available to fight one’s nicotine cravings. Smoking bans are there in every conceivable public place. Here, we are going to take a quick look at the alternatives to smoking that are of interest to smokers. Some devices are well known and some are comparatively new. The craving for cigarettes kicks in when you abstain from smoking and many a smoker will find this very hard to resist. They feel as if they are in hell; there is no room for worry though, since there are a lot many ways to help smokers with regard to this matter.

One of the alternatives is the nicotine patch; one can attach this to the body and this will give out nicotine in measured and controlled doses to the person. Nicotine patches look like big plasters. These patches have been very popular with smokers that have been trying to cope with withdrawal symptoms. Another alternative is the nicotine gum. It looks like a chewing gum that has small doses of nicotine in varying strengths. They are highly popular with young smokers who like to chew on something every time. Still another device called inhalers or puffers allow smokers to draw in fixed doses of nicotine whenever the cravings for nicotine occur.

Nicotine water is a relatively new product that is gaining in popularity. It is plain water with nicotine contained in it; but with no other harmful chemicals dissolved. Actually, it made its entry not as a stop smoking aid. It was created and mass produced to allow smokers to gain access to nicotine when they were subject to the smoking ban. It is also used when smokers simply don’t want to indulge in smoking tobacco filled cigarettes. Smokers can drink the nicotine water as and when they get a craving, get the required doses of nicotine and can re-hydrate themselves, all at the same time, which is all the more convenient in every sense.

Now, while we had been looking at smoking bans, it would not be a bad idea to find out why nicotine causes no harm and does you good only when you are not enjoying it in the form of cigarettes. Again, these kinds of products will encourage more people to use them as they see them as an aid in their stop-smoking endeavour. Most of the people don’t want to take nicotine in forms other than cigarettes. Nicotine in other forms will do you no harm at all. Actually, it’s the other 4000 plus chemicals found in cigarettes that constitute the killers, not nicotine. The fact is that nicotine is not a causative factor of diseases and the consequential deaths. While nicotine in its organic form does not lead to any diseases, in other forms, it can induce addiction in people. Anyway, it is a good idea to try some alternatives to get rid of the habit.

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