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A Guide to the Right Pregnancy Weight Gain Week by Week

It is necessary to keep a check on pregnancy weight gain week by week, for preventing Excess Weight Gain during pregnancy. If your weight is too much, you will invite pregnancy complications, diabetes, and other problems in the labor room. If your weight is too less, you will suffer from malnutrition and will deliver an unhealthy baby.

In addition to this, studies have revealed that, uncontrolled Weight Gain during pregnancy paves the way for obesity in the end after delivery. The interesting thing is that, each country or culture has its own recommendations for it.

Varying Weight Gain Figures

In some countries, doctors recommend a put on of 2.2 pounds (1kg) every pregnancy month. This amounts to a total of 22 pounds (9-10 kg) for the entire pregnancy. However, this is a vague figure. You need a more precise figure of weight gain, so that you are assured that your put on week by week is appropriate, and not too less or too much for your body.

Whichever country you belong to, the appropriate put on can be determined based on your pre-pregnancy weight as well as height.

Calculating Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Here is a simple formula for calculation: divide your normal weight in kg by your height in square meters.

You get a number that serves as a guide for gaining weight during pregnancy.

  • If you get less than 18, you are skinny and need to add up to 44 pounds (20 kg)
  • If you get 18-20, you are thin and need to add to 28.6-37.4 pounds (13-17 kg)
  • If you get 20-23, you are within the normal weight range and need to gain up to 26.4 pounds (12kg)
  • If you get more than 23, you are on the fatty side and need to increase just 17.6-24.2 pounds (8-11 kg)
  • If you get more than 30, you are obese and need to put on lesser.

    Pregnancy Weight Gain Week By Week Chart

    Trimester: Weight Gain:
    Trimester 1 (months 1-3) No more than 5 pounds
    Trimester 2 (months 4-6) 12-19 pounds
    Trimester 3 (months 7-9) 8-11 pounds
    Total: 25-35 pounds

    Note: You need to gain around 2/3 of a pound every week, until your 20th week of pregnancy and after that, just one pound every week.

    For more information on pregnancy weight gain week by week, continue to read articles and books and keep in touch with your doctor.

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