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14 indisputable laws of perfect health

It is natural the human desire for success in health and long life. But how to live longer, to be vital and energetic until old age and not to start the day with a handful of pills? For that you need to take care of yourself and start changing your habits. Is never too late to do something for yourself. You can start with small steps, but make them regularly, they can take you far.


  1. Maintain a healthy body weight without major differences in weight;


  1. Eat balanced and rational – eat more fruits and vegetables;


  1. Reduce salt consumption;



  1.  If you drink alcohol, reduce it to a minimum or reduce it to one glass of red wine in the evening;


  1. Build your daily routine that includes time for you – enough rest time for hobbies, care for your loved ones and time for socializing and communication;


  1. 6. Do not stay front of the TV or the computer for too long;



  1. Find time for enough sleep. Since we only have a 24-hour day in our busy days we have left sleeping in the background. But for good sleep, it is better to build habits such as going to bed at the same time every night and create an appropriate sleep environment in your bedroom;


  1. 8. Stay away from various mental addictions and bad habits – alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, food, shopping and more.
  2. Keep moving. Even if you don’t  have enough time for active sports activities look for other ways to activate your muscles;


  1. Do not miss preventive medical examinations and be interested by your health;


  1. Avoid taking many unnecessary medications and supplements;



  1. Drink plenty of water. Drink at least a liter and a half fresh water a day, possibly up to 2-3 liters of water and herbal teas before eating. In the best case drink ate least a glass of water half an hour before each meal. Avoid sodas and sweetened juices that contain large amounts of sugar or harmful sweeteners;


  1. Avoid stressful situations if possible and look for ways to mentally overcome them. Some of the previous steps can help reduce the stress;



  1. Do not use your age as an excuse! There is no limit in age for sport. Older people should also try to maintain physical shape, if possible. Those at increased risk of fractures and injuries need to perform exercises that improve their balance.


The truth is that the practical application of these tips is not easy for many people. But remember that the successfulhealth is in your hands. With little discipline you can achieve amazing results.

Perfect health is not a medical conclusion, but a way of life: it means to be sensitive and responsive to all aspects of your body, mind and spirit; the success in reaching perfecthealth is an approach to life that each of us determine to achieve their highest potential for physical and mental well-being now and forever.

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